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Entertaining Your Tween or Teen this Halloween

Image: Teenagers watching a scary movie around Halloween

Well, it finally happened. You brought up costume hunting for this year’s Halloween and your tween or teen’s response was either lukewarm or stone cold. The days of creating unique and awesome costumes for your ghoul or boy might have come to an end, but don’t despair. The following activities will help you both make new memories and give you peace of mind that your teen will be safe this Halloween.

  • Host a party – Buy some spider webbing, fog machines, lights and spooky props and prepare to have the most spooktacular time planning a party with your teen. They’ll have fun decorating and helping to plan the menu (like Creepy Punch, Halloween Cake or Pumpkin Crunch Cake) and music selection, and you can both put together the guest list.
  • Have a horror movie sleepover – Gather up all the best snacks, your teen’s best pals and a couple of warm blankets. Prepare to bury in for a long night of shrieks and thrills.
  • Wind your way through a corn maze – Following riddles through a corn maze is a popular fall activity. Beware the rustling sounds behind you and creepers between the rows!
  • Horror-themed escape room – Escape rooms are popping up all over the country and this time of year you can find some horrifying themes, perfect for Halloween.
  • Go on a ghost tour – There’s nothing spookier than touring through a historical home, old prison or hospital that is rumored to be haunted. Most cities have at least one of these nearby for you to check out, so you can test your teen’s courage for the paranormal and experience the thrill of a mostly ghostly tour together.
  • Huddle through a haunted house – While haunted houses aren’t for everyone, those who dare to walk through them usually come out the other side laughing and excited to do it again. Your teen may even want to hold your hand like they did when they were small!
  • Co-decorate your home – You prefer autumn leaf swags and wreaths, but your teen wants to place a large inflatable ghost in the yard instead. Come together and decorate your space. It will look better than ever and you’ll both be convinced that your house is the coolest on the block.
  • Pass out treats together – Pick a cozy spot on the porch, complete with a blanket and some toasty hot caramel apple cider, and prepare to ooh and aah over the fangtastic trick-or-treaters. After all, it wasn’t that long ago they were the trick-or-treater. Ask them which of their childhood costumes was their favorite – you might be surprised!
  • Encourage volunteering – As your tween or teen grows, they’re becoming more aware of needs within the community. Help to foster a charitable spirit within them by encouraging volunteer efforts for their favorite causes. They might want to bake some Halloween cookies for the local nursing home or dog treats for a nearby shelter.

If your teen is old enough to drive, reinforce the importance of watching for trick-or-treaters and to slow down. Telling your teen to be safe is easy, but you may still worry about distractions. There are Apps to Keep Your Teen Driver in Check and Halloween Safety Tips that apply to young children and teens. Also, aside from the above activities, there are even more suggestions for Fabulous Things to Do During Fall that the entire family can enjoy.

Touch base with your local Shelter agent to help you choose coverage for you and your teen on all your auto, home and life insurance needs.

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