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  • Stuffed Strawberries

    "Nothing sweeter than a tasty gesture of love." These cheesecake stuffed strawberries are a wonderful way to share your love with someone special. 

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  • Hamburger Soup

    There's nothing quite like hot soup on a cold day. Take this to work in your lunch or whip it up for a quick dinner. Eat it with a slice of warm homemade bread and butter for the ultimate comfort food experience.

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  • Loaded Baked Potato Soup

    This loaded baked potato soup will warm you up in a comforting way on a frosty, chilly day.

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  • Veggie Pizza

    Most gatherings always have some sort of vegetable tray in the lineup, but why not take it one step further with this veggie pizza?

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  • Simple Pulled Pork

    Whether it's for a Sunday neighborhood picnic or just a casual night in with the family, this is a delicious recipe to try. 

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  • Stuffed Jalapenos

    Want to add some spice to your fiesta? Try these stuffed jalapenos for a new twist on Mexican cooking.

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  • Sausage Meatballs

    These delicious meatballs are not for spaghetti, but they are a perfect appetizer for tailgating, parties, office food days and more. 

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  • Cheese Ball

    Looking for a recipe to take to your next potluck? This recipe is delicious, easy and great for transporting. 

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  • Brown Sugar Coated Pecans

    Looking for something different to put out at your next holiday party? Try these salty but sweet treats!

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Recipes on an insurance company website? No surprise—most of us like to eat, and a lot of us like to cook, too. We hope you enjoy the recipes we've provided here. If you want to find more, check out our recipe boards on Pinterest