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  • Test Your Knowledge: Holiday Auto Coverage Scenarios

    There tends to be more traffic on the roads than usual during the holidays, and more traffic means there's more of a chance that your vehicle could be damaged. Do you have the right coverage for these situations?

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  • Safety Tips for Traveling Out of Town

    Whether it's holiday travel or a summer road trip, review these safety tips before you go so you can relax and enjoy your trip without worry.

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  • Outsmarting Car Thieves

    People often underestimate the frequency of car break-ins and thefts. Here are some tips to make sure it doesn't happen you.

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  • Deer and Cars Don't Mix

    Deer are on the move, so be sure to keep an eye out for them and use this advice to help you avoid a deer-car collision.

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  • Winter Driving Tips

    Your teen might think they know how to drive, but do they know what extra precautions to take in wintery weather? Here are some tips that all drivers should review.

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  • Winter Coverage Quiz

    Most of us know basically what's covered under our home and auto policies, but winter weather can cause situations you might not think about.

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  • When to Use 4-Wheel Drive

    Having 4-wheel drive on your vehicle and knowing when to use it may be two different things. Use this article as a guide on navigating your way through using 4-wheel drive in slippery situations.

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  • Is Your Car Ready for Harsh Winter Weather?

    When you heard the first major storm of winter was on its way, you pulled out your cold weather clothes, stocked the pantry and found the snow shovel. You are ready—but is your car?

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  • Your Teen

    Got a teen driver in the family? This section has articles we hope will help them be more educated drivers and answer questions you might have about insuring them.

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From classic cars to luxury cars and everything in between, Americans love our cars. After all, we live in a very mobile society where cars are often a necessity. Besides--we love the freedom! But owning a car means taking care of it, driving safely and keeping it insured. These articles can help you enjoy the ride.