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3 Apps to Keep Your Teen Driver in Check


Your teenager is finally a licensed driver, so you can stop being a chauffeur! But now that you have a teen on the road, you have even more to worry about. The risk of having car accidents is higher among 16-19 year olds than drivers of any other age group. Telling your teen to be a safe driver is easier said than done, but we found a few apps to help you keep your young driver in check:

1. LifeSaver

This app puts the phone on "lock mode" to hold off notifications for texts, calls, emails and other alerts until the drive is over. LifeSaver includes a driver portal for parents to use, and you can keep track of safe driving behavior to reward your teenage driver. The driver portal also features arrival notifications, so you know your teen has arrived safely every time they drive somewhere.  

2. Cellcontrol

Using a little black box on the windshield, this app allows you to control what your teen can and cannot do on their phone while driving.

3. MamaBear

Though a bit on the extreme side, if you are just too uneasy about your inexperienced teen driver being on the road, this may be the app for you. By connecting with each other through the app, MamaBear allows guardians to monitor text messages, review driving speeds, and track the location of teens when they are driving. Your teen may not be too happy about this one, but safety is first.

All three apps help you keep teen drivers off their phones. Which app is most effective will depend on your teen, but using any of these apps could help them get into good habits when they are behind the wheel.