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Additional coverage to protect your assets

Think you can't be subject to a bank-breaking personal lawsuit? Imagine the following scenarios:

  • You swerve to avoid an animal and strike a pedestrian instead.
  • Your babysitter trips over a child's toy and is seriously injured.
  • Your lawn mower throws a rock and blinds a young child.

You could be held liable in all these cases. And the settlement amount could be enormous. A Shelter Insurance® umbrella insurance policy can help protect you if you have considerable assets to protect.

How does umbrella insurance work?

Your personal umbrella liability policy begins where the liability coverage from your auto and homeowners policies ends.

For example, if you have an accident that leaves you liable for $750,000 worth of damage, and you have $500,000 of liability coverage for that accident from your auto policy, your umbrella policy will pay the additional $250,000.

Our personal umbrella liability policy also covers some risks usually not covered by your underlying policies:

  • Defamation of character
  • False arrest
  • Wrongful detention
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Malicious prosecution

Do I need to have an existing Shelter policy to purchase an umbrella policy?

Yes. You must have one or more of the following policies with us:

There are minimum liability coverage limits as well. Contact an agent or call 1-800-SHELTER (1-800-743-5837) to learn more.

How much coverage can I get?

Our umbrella insurance policy typically provides $1,000,000 in liability coverage. That's a much higher limit than may normally be available under the basic coverage of your other policies.

Higher limits are available.  Ask your Shelter agent for details.

The product information contained on this website is informational only and not a statement of contract. All coverage options are subject to the provisions of the policy purchased and details of the policyholder's situation.

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