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Junior Special Life Insurance can help your child lock in coverage. It can guarantee their ability to secure coverage as adults, even if they develop health problems after childhood. Specifically, a Junior Special policy:

  • Provides up to $20,000 of coverage until age 26 with a one-time premium payment.
  • May be purchased for children or grandchildren age 17 and younger.
  • May be converted at age 25 to a permanent life insurance policy with up to five times the original face value.

Converting your Junior Special policy

Additional coverage options may be purchased when a Junior Special policy is converted:

  • Waiver of Premium Rider - This may be purchased with evidence of insurability and allows the premium to be waived after six months of total disability.
  • Guarantee of Insurability Rider - This allows for the purchase of additional life insurance at certain intervals without proof of good health.

The product information contained on this website is informational only and not a statement of contract. All coverage options are subject to the provisions of the policy purchased and details of the policyholder's situation.

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Policy form #ICC22-1 and ICC22-4. Available in all 15 of our operating states.