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Teen Auto Insurance FAQs


The thought of your baby behind the wheel is scary, but the stories you've heard about car insurance for teens are also keeping you up at night. Don't rely on hearsay—read this article then talk to your Shelter agent about the best way to get coverage for your teen driver.

1.    If my teen lives in one state with me but her father lives in another state where it is cheaper to insure her, should she be added to her father's policy instead?

Teen drivers must be insured in the state where they reside, but your daughter should also be listed as a driver on her father's policy. Why? Imagine your teen is visiting her father and has an accident while driving his car. If she is not listed as a driver on her father's policy, it may complicate the claim or risk coverage for the loss. In addition, her father may bear the financial burden of the accident. In a nutshell, it's a good idea for both parents to add the teen to their auto policies.

2.    Is it cheaper for my teen driver to get his own policy?

Generally speaking, it's cheaper to add your teen driver to an existing policy than for him to get his own policy. However, your rates will probably go up when you add him. Talk to a local insurance agent to find out if it's better for your teen to get his own policy or be added to yours. This may, of course, depend on who owns the car.

3.    Can teen drivers get discounts?

Yes. Shelter offers discounts centered on good driving habits and good grades, such as our Safe Driver Discount, Passive Restraint Discount, Driver Training Course Discount, Accident Prevention Course Discount, Good Student Discount and more. Talk to your agent about discounts for you and your family.

4.    Does the type of car my teen drives make a difference on insurance premiums?

Yes, but this is true for anyone, no matter how old they are. Cars that have more safety features are your best bet. Anything sporty, flashy or "built for speed" is probably not the safest choice, and the insurance rates may be higher.

5.    Do I have to carry the same coverage on my teen's car as I have on my own?

Teen drivers have to carry state liability minimums, just like anyone else. To help with the cost, if they will be driving an older car, consider cutting optional coverages like collision and comprehensive unless payments are being made on it. The lender may require you to carry collision and comprehensive.

If you have questions about adding a teen driver to your policy that aren't covered here, check with your Shelter agent. They'll help your family get the right coverage at the right price.