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Why Rental Reimbursement Coverage is Worth It

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Ever been stuck somewhere without your car? If you live in an area where most things in your life require having one, you can feel very lost without it. If you rely on your vehicle—especially a bigger one like a minivan or  SUV—to get your kids to school and yourself to work, you might find that opting for Rental Reimbursement/Temporary Transportation Coverage is worth the slight extra cost.

Rental Reimbursement/Temporary Transportation Coverage helps pay for the cost of renting reliable transportation while your car is being fixed after an accident. Even if an accident is not your fault, you can’t rely on the other person’s insurance to pay for your rental car. What if they don’t have insurance? If you have comprehensive and collision coverage, you can get rental reimbursement coverage that will help you pay for a rental car.

Obviously this is coverage you hope you never need, but if you’ve been in an accident that leaves you without your vehicle, and you don’t have access to a backup vehicle, you could be stuck paying the cost for a rental vehicle on your own while your car is being fixed.

Is Rental Reimbursement/Temprary Transportation Coverage the Same as Rental Car Insurance?
No. Rental car insurance is something offered by the rental car company any time you rent a car. Rental Reimbursement/Temporary Transportation Coverage helps pay for you to have a rental car while yours is being fixed after an accident. The decision to obtain the rental car insurance offered by the rental car company is yours, but your own auto policy may provide coverage if you have an at-fault accident in the rental car. It won’t cover loss damage waiver though. We always suggest you call your agent if you have questions about coverages with regard to rental car insurance. You might check with your credit card company as well. Sometimes the card you use to rent the vehicle can provide some coverage.

Adding Rental Reimbursement/Temporary Transportation Coverage is Easy—and Affordable!
When you are looking for ways to save on your auto insurance premium, it might be a good idea to keep Rental Reimbursement/Temporary Transportation Coverage. Instead, ask your agent about discounts or different deductible options. Rental Reimbursement/Temporary Transportation Coverage is affordable and could really save you a lot if you need a rental car after an accident. Shelter offers different coverage options, so if you need to rent a minivan, which costs more than renting a compact or midsize car, there are coverage options that can help fit that need. Talk to a Shelter agent about adding Rental Reimbursement/Temporary Transportation Coverage today.

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