Don't Get Dinged by Hail This Season


It's been an active season for hail storms this year, and the hail has been bigger, leading to significant personal property damage. The obvious thing to do is put your car in the garage and stay inside. But what if you don't have a garage?

Protecting Your Car
If you don't have the space to build a garage or a car port, or if you live in an apartment complex, there are quick and inexpensive fixes—IF you know hail is a possibility and can hunker down at home. It may be a hassle to implement some of these tactics, but the results could be worth it.

  • Old Blankets – You can duct tape some old blankets to your car—just be sure to affix the tape under the car. It minimizes the chances of it getting wet and loose.
  • Floor Mats – Putting your floor mats under the windshield wipers can protect your front windshield. You can also use floor mats to protect the hood, roof and back windshield, but without a way to secure them, they could blow away if high winds accompany the hail.
  • Bubble Wrap – Duct tape and bubble wrap would provide even more protection than old blankets, but there's also a new Automobile Hail Protection System that could work. (We can't endorse or recommend this product because we have not tried it ourselves, but it seems like a good idea. You be the judge.)
  • Large Buildings – Try to park close to a large building on the side that's opposite of the direction the hail is coming from. For example, if the hail is coming from the east, try to park on the west side of a tall building so it provides a barrier.
  • Find a Parking Garage – This is probably the easiest thing to do if you do not have a garage at home. Always keep a mental note of where the nearest parking garages are and if hail is looming, park in one.

If you have comprehensive coverage, it will help pay for the damage the storm caused to your vehicle. If you are a Shelter customer and you have a brand new car that sustained enough damage to total it, our new car replacement may apply—and it's automatically included in your policy.

After the Storm
If you have damage after the storm that would allow additional damage to your car or house, you should take pictures of the damage, then take steps to mitigate further damage. For instance, if it's still raining, cover broken car windows with plastic.

Having a plan in place before bad weather strikes is one of the best things you can do to protect your car, and will help you relax and remember the storm will pass.

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