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When it's time to get a different car, it's always tempting to buy a brand new one. You get the benefit of the full warranty, you know the car's history, and of course, it's hard to beat that new car smell! The problem is it depreciates almost as fast as it accelerates, which makes replacing it tough if you get into an accident and it's totaled. Will your insurance company pay what it would cost to buy a brand new one? It might if you have new car replacement coverage—and this coverage is included on all Shelter auto policies. What does that mean for you?

Let's say you are involved in an accident in a brand new car you bought within the last 12 months—it doesn't even have 15,000 miles on it yet! If it's damaged to the point that it's a total loss, Shelter will pay you an additional amount—above the comparable value—for the same year, make and model. You drive away in a car that's as good as new because it is new!

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  • Insure More, Save More

    The more we insure for you, the more you save. So go ahead--add your house and maybe even your other car for bigger discounts!

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  • The Name Game

    Whether your car is brand new or just new to you, find out why the name on the title and the name on your insurance policy should match.

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  • Insurance ID on the Go


    When you buy a new car, you need proof of insurance. If you don't have your insurance ID card handy, pull it up on your smartphone using our mobile app.

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