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Insurance can be confusing. You may know the difference between liability, comprehensive and collision coverages, but do you know what types of claims fall into each of those categories? These articles can help you learn.

  • Rental Car Insurance

    If you've ever rented a car, you probably dread the moment when the rental car agent asks if you want to purchase that extra insurance. A lot of people don't realize this, but your own auto policy may provide coverage if you have an accident in a rental car.

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  • Drone Technology

    Drones are being used for more than just taking pictures and videos these days. They can deliver food and packages, and even help insurance professionals do their jobs more safely and efficiently. 

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  • Coverage for Natural Disasters

    A lot of people assume that if their house is destroyed by floods, earthquakes, etc. that their homeowners policy covers it. But does it?  

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  • What You May Not Know About Umbrella Insurance

    Think umbrella insurance is only to help provide extra liability coverage for accidents? You might be surprised to learn that it may also provide coverage for you and the members of your household if you are sued in ceratin other sitautions.

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  • Transferring Your Auto Insurance

    Different cars have different insurance coverage needs, so if you're buying a different car, getting it insured properly should be a priority. 

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  • Different Ways to Value Your Things

    Explore the different types of coverage that can help replace your personal items in the event of a loss—ACV/market value, and restoration or replacement cost.

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