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Winter Car Claims

Image: Two Carsh in an accident on wintery roads.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your car. There’s a reason highway departments and meteorologists advise staying off the roads when winter weather is at its worst. Heed their warnings, and check out these additional ideas for protecting yourself and others.

Driving Hazards
During hazardous winter weather, cars sometimes slide…into each other, into ditches, into mailboxes, etc. Worse yet, yours could slide into a pedestrian. Knowing how to drive in winter weather conditions can help reduce these types of accidents, but staying home is a better plan.

Parked Car Hazards
Driving isn’t the only thing that can damage your car in winter. The weight of snow on tree branches can cause them to break and fall on the roof of a car parked below. If you can, keep your car in a garage or carport. If you can’t do that, try to avoid parking under tree branches or even better—try to get rid of dead tree branches that can easily break.

Be Prepared
If you are in an accident that causes damage to someone else’s property, or worse—causes injuries—your assets could be at risk if you are found liable for the damage. That’s why it makes sense to make sure you have enough liability coverage. Sometimes your state’s required minimum isn’t enough to cover someone else’s medical bills from an accident you are at fault for. What your insurance doesn’t cover may become your responsibility. Even if you have more than the state’s required minimum amount, it still might not be enough. Think about purchasing an umbrella policy to help protect your assets further.

If your accident doesn’t injure someone or cause damage to someone else’s property, you may be stuck paying to get your car fixed yourself, unless you have comprehensive and collision coverage. Sometimes it makes sense not to have this coverage—for instance, if your car is very old and would cost more to fix than it’s worth or than your premiums would justify. However, if you are making payments on your car, your finance company might require it.

Talk to your agent to help you make sure you have the appropriate coverage to be ready for winter’s potential accidents and whatever the road ahead might bring your way. 

  • Winter Driving Tips

    Caution: Slick Road sign on a snowy road.

    Slippery winter road conditions can sometimes take you by surprise. Read this to be prepared for treacherous winter driving.

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  • Don’t Get Slammed

    118x157 Snowy Tree on Car

    If you slide off the road and hit something or a dead, snowy tree branch breaks and falls on your car, you may have to pay repair it if you don’t have this coverage.

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  • Life's Storm

    Woman walking on a snowy day with a red umbrella.

    If your policy limits don’t extend as far as the amount of money you have to pay in an at-fault accident, umbrella insurance may provide additional coverage.

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