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Diversity Outreach

As part of our diversity initiative, Shelter supports and sponsors various programs that recognize diversity in our community. 

Columbia African American Association Memorial Scholarship Fund - Sponsorship of Sunday Best Banquet
The Columbia African American Association (CAAA) is committed to the development of America's youth, specifically targeting African American students living in the Columbia, Missouri, area. The CAAA has established a scholarship fund to assist talented young African Americans in their pursuit of higher education. The CAAA Memorial Scholarship is presented annually to one student from each high school in Columbia in honor of former Columbia African American high school students who are now deceased.

Columbia Values Diversity Breakfast – Champion of Diversity Sponsor
The Columbia Values Diversity Celebration brings people together from throughout our community to share breakfast and a special program honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The highlight of the program is a featured speaker.

The celebration is an inspirational community tradition that brings people together at the beginning of each new year to celebrate the broad diversity that strengthens our city. Every January over 1,100 people share breakfast together while commemorating the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and celebrating the value we place on providing equal opportunity for all people.

2018 was special for Shelter at the breakfast because Shelter's Manager of Diversity and Inclusion, Brian Jones, and Director of Human Resources, Stacye Smith were co-recipients of the Columbia Values Diversity Award. Columbia Mayor Brian Treece presented the award, citing Brian and Stacye's significant community involvement and contributions to a variety of committees and charitable activities.

Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP) – Corporate Partner
As one of the first local corporate partners of this group, Shelter is a key participant in bringing this group's mission to Columbia. The St. Louis-based DAP is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion around issues of race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age and gender identity. The Columbia branch is led by Regional Manager Nikki McGruder. Stacye Smith and Brian Jones serve on the Columbia Advisory Council and Smith serves on the DAP St. Louis Board.  

As a corporate partner, Shelter has hosted a number of DAP events including the first Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP) Networking Breakfast on July 23, 2015. Individuals from throughout the Columbia community were invited to attend. Other corporate sponsors, local business owners, individuals from various departments from the University of Missouri, and other business professionals attended and networked with members of Shelter's Diversity Committee. Ms. McGruder shared a presentation about DAP's pillars of impact as well as information about upcoming events. You can learn more about DAP at dapstl.org and via social sites on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Shelter has hosted a number of "Listen. Talk. Learn." dialogue sessions for the community and training sessions for our Diversity Committee. We are a top sponsor for the annual Diversity Dinner.

Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP) 3rd Annual Diversity Dinner
The 3rd Annual Diversity Dinner was held on September 28, 2017. This event is held each year to celebrate the efforts of DAP and its community partners in Columbia. In addition to enjoying dinner and a keynote speaker, those in attendance get to experience cultural performances and have the opportunity to network. This year's keynote speaker was Melody Marcks, Senior Vice President and Director of Human Resources with Central Bank of Boone County. Shelter is a corporate partner with DAP and a sponsor of the dinner.

Shelter Diversity Networking Event
On September 27, 2017, Shelter 's Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors hosted their first annual Diversity Networking Event. The objective of this event was to invite community leaders in business, government and organizations to our office to network, enjoy refreshments and allow us to share the ways that Shelter supports the communities we live in by being a good corporate citizen.

MU Celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr.
This program is an annual celebration and commemoration of the important life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is intended to engage our community in ethnic interaction that is positive, educational and entertaining. It includes a reception, MLK Jr. Community Award presentation, and a nationally recognized featured speaker. Past presentations have included people from diverse professions sharing personal experiences.

Partners In Education Multicultural Achievement Committee (MAC) Scholars 
The Columbia Public School District's Partners In Education program provides an opportunity for schools and our community to come together and through a mutual sharing of resources, strengthen our schools’ programs, and enhance our community's economic growth. Shelter partnered with the Multicultural Achievement Committee (MAC) Scholars in 2013.  

The Multicultural Achievement Committee (MAC) program is a holistic collaborative, educational support function of Columbia Public Schools. The MAC program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and support they need to achieve success academically, emotionally and socially.

The purpose of the MAC Program is to increase the number of historically under-represented students in Columbia Public School’s most rigorous course work, honors and advanced placement courses. The program’s goal is to ensure college and career readiness for students from cradle to career.

We provide support to the MAC program by sponsoring and participating in the Annual MAC Awards ceremony, providing training for MAC Summer Academies, participating in the MAC Achievement Up Conference and the Parents of Influence Summit. We also provide a $2,000 scholarship to an active participant in the MAC program. 

Women's Intersports Network (WIN) – WIN for Columbia Luncheon
WIN for Columbia is an organization promoting the importance of participation of girls and women in athletic and physical fitness activities. WIN strives to increase the athletic opportunities for girls and women in the Columbia area, as well as recognizing athletic achievements.

Each year, WIN hosts a banquet to recognize the achievements of women in sports and the positive influence of women's sports participation. This is held around National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

Rock the Community
Rock the Community is a 501(c)(3) organization geared towards youth development and community wellness with a goal of helping to bridge the gap between local government and policing agencies and the communities they serve.

Rock the Community empowers youth and gives them a platform to achieve their dreams and critical life skills, resulting in less juvenile crime and fewer school dropouts while promoting local community unity and wellness.

BOLD Academy
BOLD, Black and Brown Opportunities Leadership and Development, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit youth empowerment and mentoring organization created in an effort to support, nurture and enhance the leadership skills of Black and Brown girls in Columbia. The mission of BOLD is to empower and uplift Black and Brown Girls through enrichment opportunities, leadership training, education and positive identity development. BOLD began with a small coalition of women who shared a similar vision: to create a strong social and professional network for young Black and Brown girls in the city of Columbia so that they could not only reach their potential, but have support and guidance from strategic partners along the way.

Breaking Chains, Making Ways
This event is about bringing the families and businesses in Columbia together, to get to know one another, have fun and learn the importance of health and fitness. Also, during this event we will be focusing on raising money and obtaining sponsors for a program created to mold at-risk youth into fit, healthy leaders and entrepreneurs with the potential to one day have a positive impact on their communities as well as our economy.

Mizzou Basketball Clinic in Douglass Park
Mizzou Men's and Women's Basketball hosted a basketball clinic on Saturday for area boys and girls at Douglass Park. The park located at 400 North Providence Road, is one of Columbia's largest gathering places for local children.

The clinic was a collaborative effort, put on in part by the University of Missouri, the Columbia Public School district, the outreach unit of the Columbia Police Department, and several area businesses, including Shelter Insurance. The clinic connects members of the Columbia community with Mizzou.

This collaboration resulted in a two-hour long clinic, where local kids were able to play and learn from the athletes they look up to. A theme throughout the day was that everyone, even the athletes, had to start somewhere and got to where they were as a result of hard work.

The value to the kids and the community is obvious, but the athletes got a lot from the clinic as well. Both squads had the opportunity to teach people that look to them as role models, and the service skills they learn at events like this will stay with them long after they leave Columbia and the University of Missouri.