Supplier Diversity Program Policy Statement

Our Supplier Diversity Program Policy is to ensure inclusion of diverse businesses in the competitive bidding process at Shelter.  Our commitment is to provide quality insurance products and services in communities in which we live and work, and outstanding value to our policyholders.

Our core values can be represented as a four-legged stool, with each leg representing a core value:

1. First and foremost, we sell insurance.

2. We are a service organization. Day in and day out we provide top notch service.

3. We support the communities we live in by being a good corporate citizen.

4. Our most important value is to do the right thing.

We communicate this message consistently and constantly so our stakeholders will embrace it and remember to live it through every transaction.

We are committed to increasing our spend with diverse suppliers and encourage diverse suppliers to complete the Prospective Diverse Supplier Application. Suppliers are identified during the sourcing process and evaluated against the same fulfillment requirements.  Quality or service standards will not be compromised with the selection of a supplier during the procurement process.

Supplier Certification Requirements

To be eligible for our Supplier Diversity Program, Shelter requests that a company provides us with their certification from one of the following councils:

Shelter will also accept certification from local, state or federal government agencies. Shelter does not accept self-certification; we encourage you to obtain certification from one of the listed councils or agencies.

How To Apply?

If you wish to be considered as a supplier and participate in the Shelter Insurance® Supplier Diversity Program, you should:

Complete the Prospective Diverse Supplier Application.

  • Keep in Mind:
    • Your business must be certified as described above in order to participate in the Supplier Diversity Program. In addition to your completed application, a copy of your certificate should be uploaded.
    •  If you are not currently certified or are obtaining certification, indicate that where the certification information is requested on the form and input a date in which you are hoping to receive your certification and we will touch base with you if you're a good fit for our company.

After you've submitted the registration for, your company information you provided will be entered into our Supplier Diversity Database. The information that is relative to the products and services that your company provides will be made available to Shelter Purchasing employees. Buyers will be able to search for potential suppliers using the keywords that were provided to describe your business' products and services.