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We're Here to Keep You Singing in the Rain

There's a blue sky and the sun is shining. You're on your merry way. Then you get a call: The babysitter has tripped and fallen over a toy and is injured. Or you have to swerve to avoid hitting another car—and instead hit a pedestrian. Or maybe your daughter and her friends took social media to a new level and your child is being accused of slander. 

Suddenly the sky is full of storm clouds conjured by a slew of lawyers and a personal liability lawsuit is looming.

Fortunately, you have an umbrella insurance policy to help protect you from the cost of the impending legal storm.

An umbrella insurance policy is built on top of the liability limits of the policies you already carry: auto or motorcyclehome and boat. It's not designed to replace any of them. Instead, it's there as a supplemental shield. An umbrella insurance policy may:

  • Protect you from risks that aren't typically covered by your other policies.
  • Provide additional liability coverage when the limits on those policies aren't high enough to cover the full expense of a loss.

For example, an auto or boat policy doesn't cover defamation of character, false arrest, wrongful detention, invasion of privacy, or malicious prosecution. Your umbrella insurance policy not only covers those risks, it can help cover legal fees or losses you suffer from the court battle through higher liability limits (typically $1,000,000 or more).

Your umbrella insurance policy can also help in case of an auto accident. If you cause $750,000 worth of damage, and you're carrying $500,000 of liability coverage on your auto policy, your umbrella policy could help you pay the remaining $250,000.

Since it's a supplemental policy, you'll need to maintain minimum limits of liability for several coverage options on your other policies. If you do that, and you have a loss covered by your umbrella insurance policy, you'll pay only the first $1,000. Your umbrella insurance policy is your safe harbor in a personal liability storm.

Call a Shelter agent to learn more about setting up your umbrella policy today–before the storm hits.