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Storage Facilities: Protecting Your Stuff

Image: Woman carrying box in front of storage facility that has blue doors.

If you’re moving, or even just running out of room, you may be thinking about renting a storage unit. Storage facilities are great for use as temporary space to store your belongings during the process of moving or just to store your excess stuff. It’s important to know how to choose a good storage facility and how to properly store your belongings. It’s also important to have the right insurance coverage for your personal property.

Is it a Fit for You?

  • Security: When considering storage facilities, choose one that is wellprotected with good lighting and surveillance cameras monitoring the premises at all times.
  • Insurance Options: Check to see if you can acquire insurance through the storage company. The company should also have its own business insurance in case it is damaged and the storage units are compromised as a result.
  • Storage Care: Make sure the storage facility is in good condition.
  • Temperature Control: If it’s extremely hot or cold outside and the items you are storing could be damaged by such extremes, you might consider indoor, temperature-controlled storage.

Flood Protection
Storage facilities usually do not have the physical layout to withstand a flood or water damage, so ask how your belongings will be protected if that occurs. If you have a personal articles policy for any of the items you’re storing, you should contact your agent to ensure they would be covered in a storage facility if the unit gets flooded.

One day you lock your unit. The next day you come back and notice it has been broken into. According to Life Storage, if you have a homeowners insurance policy or a renters insurance policy, it might help replace items that are stolen or damaged. Check with your agent.

Storage facilities are very helpful, but a little research before choosing one never hurts. Make sure you weigh the risks so you can decide if you have the proper coverage prior to renting one. If you have any questions related to insuring your personal property in storage facilities, contact your agent.

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