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Pranks Gone Wrong


You thought it would be funny to scare your neighbor, but she was so surprised when you jumped out at her that she ended up falling and getting hurt! Now you're stuck with the guilt of hurting your neighbor in addition to her medical bills from her injuries. Thank goodness that was just an example and didn't actually happen…right?

Pranks may not be pulled with malicious intent, but they can cause a lot of harm. Scaring pranks are highly discouraged because of the likelihood of the scare causing an unexpectedly dangerous situation like in the example above.

Other surprise pranks such as putting plastic wrap or tape across a doorframe for someone to run into are also very dangerous. Running into plastic wrap hung at the height of your face or tape at the height of your neck can cause suffocation or strangulation.

It's not just people who get hurt during pranks; your belongings can get damaged too. If you damage your own car or the fence at your own house is bad enough, but at least you can blame yourself. If you pull a prank that breaks someone else's window, the recklessness of your actions could cause the prank to be considered vandalism. And if your prank involves entering someone else's property without their permission, you could be considered a trespasser.

It's really important to think of the consequences of a prank before pulling one. Always think about how a prank will affect other people. According to USA Today, a woman sent her daughter a text message about there being a shooting as a joke for April Fool's Day. Unfortunately for this woman, her daughter called 911 right away, and she ended up facing charges upon the discovery that the shooting was fake. No one appreciates a boy who cries wolf!

Safety always comes first! Any prank involving cars or food is extremely unwise to pull. Anything that could become interference during driving is no joke, and neither are food allergies or food poisoning!

Especially if children or people with health concerns are involved, it's best to put your pranks aside for everyone's safety and well-being.

For those of you who are not pranksters yourselves, beware of the fact that pranksters are out there!

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