Life's Storm | Shelter Insurance®

Umbrella Insurance: Protection from Life's Storms


Ever get caught in that sideways kind of rain? Your umbrella's great for covering your head and shoulders but stops short of protecting the rest of you. You find yourself wishing for some extra waterproof covering in those situations.   

Life can be like that sideways rainstorm. Most of us get liability protection from our auto and home policies. While they provide coverage in many situations, they have their limits, especially when protecting your considerable assets in a personal liability lawsuit.

However, there is a policy that starts where your other liability policies leave off. It's our umbrella insurance policy, designed as a supplemental coverage option to help protect you from personal liability risks. For example: you're in a car accident that leaves you liable for $750,000 but the auto policy coverage you purchased only covers up to $500,000. An umbrella policy could make up the difference of the remaining $250,000. 

In fact, our umbrella policy can provide you with one million dollars in coverage or more, which is much higher than the usual limits of your other policies, and may cover risks typically not covered by your other policies. Risks like defamation of character, false arrest, invasion of privacy, and even malicious prosecution are covered by an umbrella policy.

You might be wondering why you would need a million dollars or more in liability coverage. Higher coverage limits can ease your mind when you're been served with a lawsuit that looks like it could break your bank. The truth is that big time accidents happen, even to good people and court and settlement costs can be astronomical.  

Contact your local Shelter agent to find out how our umbrella policy can help protect you.