Leaving the Nest: Your Child's First Apartment


You've packed the basement furniture, a television, lamps, a computer, a bed, a dresser, all her clothes and shoes, kitchen necessities, towels, rugs, etc. and helped your daughter move into her new apartment. She's going back to school, but this time she's living in an apartment off campus. And boy does she have a lot of stuff!

Now that she's all moved in, does she have everything she needs? What about renters insurance? That might not have occurred to you when you during the move, but considered how much it would cost to replace it all if it was stolen or damaged. You might think your homeowners insurance would cover all of it, but there may be a better—and less expensive—option.

Renters Insurance
Even if your daughter's personal property is covered by your home insurance, your deductible is probably pretty high. Renters insurance premiums at Shelter start at just $10 a month, and the deductibles may be typically less than you would be subject to if you made a claim on your homeowners policy. To make sure she has enough coverage, use our personal property calculator.

In addition, Shelter's renters insurance policies offer a certain amount of liability coverage and additional living expenses. This can come in handy if there's a fire and your daughter needs a place to stay until her apartment is livable again or she can find a new place to live.

Renters insurance is a good way for a student to begin building an insurance track record, and if they pair it with coverage for their car, they could get a discount. To find out more about our renters policy, get a quote or talk to an agent.