5 Tips to Avoid Package Theft

Image: Delivered boxes on front porch

With the holidays in full swing and gift giving at an all-time high, package theft is increasing as well. Many people are nervous about ordering from online stores or delivery services due to the possibility that their package may get stolen after delivery. Here are 5 tips to avoid package theft:

  • Schedule deliveries with the shipping company: If you know there is a specific time and date that you will be home, then this may be the perfect option with you. Once you receive a shipping and tracking number, check with your shipping carrier to schedule a time to have your package delivered.
  • Require a signature with your package: Some packages already require a signature in order to be handed off. If this is not the case with the gifts you ordered for your niece, then contact your shipping carrier to add a signature requirement to your package.
  • Include delivery instructions: Sometimes you are just too busy and can’t find time to be at home during delivery hours. Leave specific delivery instructions for your packages so they are not in a visible and vulnerable place. You can ask to have your packages delivered on the side of your house or maybe placed in the backyard.
  • Install a video doorbell: Thieves are deterred but not always stopped by security systems. By installing a video doorbell, if a thief decides that they still would like to take your package, you will have evidence and identification to hand over to the police and the company from which you received your package.
  • Use a package locker outside your front door:  Consider buying one of the package locker options on the market.  There are a variety of options that lock via a code you can provide to the carrier, making it harder for thieves to walk off with your new toys.
  • Opt to pick your package up with the shipping carrier: Another option is to have your package delivered to a shipping carrier delivery center where you can pick up your packages. This way your package won’t be left alone and accessible to thieves.

Don’t let possible package thieves stop you from getting your child or loved one the perfect gift. Take these simple steps to protect your packages from being taken right from under your nose. 

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