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Spring Home Maintenance

Image: A blue house with cherry blossom trees in the yard

The sun spilling through your windows and the new warm breeze that you feel as you open your doors may motivate you to prepare your home for the warmer days ahead. Spring is a signal of the cold weather leaving us and the beginning of warmer months. Now would be a good time to do some home maintenance that you may have been putting off during winter weather. Here are some maintenance items to keep in mind this spring to keep your home healthy.

Tis the season for spring cleaning, but before you clean you may want declutter your home first. Decluttering means you’ll have less to clean! With every item that you come across, ask yourself three questions. Do I need this? Why do I have this? How often do I use this? Let these questions guide you as you’re choosing what to keep and what to donate or throw away. Start the process in the most lived in areas of your home because in these spaces you’ll experience the most benefits of your decluttering efforts. Decluttering can be a very time-consuming process so make sure you set aside enough time to not feel rushed or overwhelmed. It may even help to do just a little at a time.

The harsh winter weather may have caused mold and staining on your siding, so start with an exterior inspection. Be on the lookout for cracks and openings in walls that could allow small insects to crawl into and cause damage. Don’t forget to check the foundation for any cracks or leaks that will allow water to enter your home. Foundation problems can cause cracked walls, uneven floors, sinking and more that worsen over time.

It is easier to spot signs of damage to your roof in the spring because everything is now thawed. Inspecting your roof and doing maintenance on it is essential for longevity of your roof and might save you from an early roof replacement down the road. You can either do some inspection yourself or get a professional to look at it for you. If you are looking at it yourself then make sure to look for missing or broken shingles and areas that are mossy which could be a sign of decay.

Prepare your gutters for the heavy rains that may be ahead. Clogged gutters can cause water to pool and spill back onto your roof, foundation, and walls where it can cause damage – all the way to your basement or foundation.  Clean your gutters to avoid a bigger problem in the future!

Air Conditioner
Spring is the best time to check on your AC before the hot months hit. It might be warm outside but not so hot that the AC is being pushed heavily yet. Do a test run and check that each room in your home has proper airflow that isn’t sluggish. You can also go to the outdoor and indoor cabinet of the AC and listen for any unusual noises that may indicate that there’s a bigger problem. Early spring would be a good time to replace your air filter because during winter your filter may have accumulated more dust and debris than usual.

Keeping up with your home and doing maintenance on it can save you money and save you from worry down the road. Schedule some time to ensure the health of your home this spring!

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