Hiring a Contractor for Home Repairs


It's your choice who repairs your home, so you should choose a contractor carefully. Make sure you are comfortable with that person or company. Your adjuster cannot recommend contractors.

Sometimes after severe storms people from other areas or states travel to the damaged area for repair work. Many of these contractors are qualified and reliable. Unfortunately, many are not. It's not uncommon for them to suddenly become unreachable after the work is done.

To help avoid that fate, here are some tips to help you find a reliable and qualified contractor:

Ask Others
Ask for recommendations from your friends, neighbors, and family members.

Interview Potential Contractors
Ask contractors for references. Make sure to check the references after you get them.

Check their Work History
Call your local Chamber of Commerce and ask for information about your contractor's work history. You can also do research on sites like the Department of Consumer Affairs or on customer review sites like Angie's List.

Ensure They're Insured
Contractors should be able to provide proof of liability insurance coverage, which will cover property damage or third-party injury that occurs at your home. They should also have workers' compensation insurance. Check to see if they are licensed with the state as well.

Ask for a Contract
Require a written contract, including payment terms. Don't sign it until you fully understand it. Avoid making final payments until you receive a lien release and watch out for contractors who insist on a large down payment. Pay at the end of the job and only for the work that has been completed.