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Does Homeowners Cover Plumbing?

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Plumbing?

You went on vacation only to come home to a soggy floor from a plumbing failure– not an ideal situation. With an expensive mess on your hands, you may find yourself wondering if your Shelter homeowners policy will cover the clean-up and repair? Whether or not your homeowners insurance will cover the claim depends on the cause, as well as a few other factors. Let’s take a look at a few common scenarios and how your Shelter homeowners policy might cover the situation.

A Busted Pipe

A frozen pipe bursts in the middle of the night, pouring freezing water into your basement.  Your Shelter homeowners policy may help cover costs to repair any damaged drywall and flooring, however, it may not cover the cost of the repair or replacement of the plumbing. Another reason it may not cover this cost is if the pipe burst due to negligence – in this case not doing more to prevent the pipe from freezing.

A Leaky Appliance

Your washing machine springs a leak mid-cycle leaving soapy water all over your laundry room floor. In this case, your Shelter homeowners policy may cover clean up and repair, as long as it was sudden and unexpected. This coverage could include other appliances like dishwashers, water heaters, refrigerators and air conditioning units. Your policy probably won’t cover the cost to repair or replace the appliance.

An Overflowing Sink

The kids wanted to help do the dishes, but left the kitchen sink running and now your kitchen is a soapy mess. Your Shelter homeowners policy may help cover the cost for any resulting damages. However, if you find that your sink, tub or toilet overflowed due to a blocked drain or pipe, you might have a tricker mess on your hands.

As with most homeowners policies, Shelter may help cover water that backs up into your house if it occurs within the plumbing system on your property. If the blockage occurs on the public side of the sewer system, your homeowners policy may not cover the costs and you will likely have to contact the public sewer company for a remedy.

Though few, there are some situations where plumbing is generally not covered under your homeowners policy. These include:

  • Sewer backups and sump pump failure, including the cost of replacing a broken sump pump.
  • Damaged pipes from flooding caused by exterior natural events like floods.
  • General wear and tear of the plumbing system over time.

Though these situations may not be covered under the standard homeowners policy, Shelter offers endorsements to extend coverage to situations or items that would otherwise be excluded. For instance, the Drainage System Endorsement, which adds coverage for the failure of a drainage system.

Plumbing problems can be scary and are not always avoidable. When in doubt, check with your Shelter Insurance® agent to help you pick the coverage you need, if you have any questions about your homeowners policy or if you need to file a claim.