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A New Wave of Technology as Cruise Lines Reopen


Just when you thought technology couldn’t progress any faster, we get thrown into the middle of a pandemic. Now more than ever, cruise lines are forced to increase their technology and create new and inventive ways to make cruises safer, yet still offer a relaxing and entertaining experience for its passengers.  From sanitation to amenities, food, and even the cabins, your next cruise will operate a lot differently than before and rely heavily on new cutting-edge, post pandemic technology.

Cruise lines are a “high touch” business. Passengers are bumping shoulders, sharing buffets,   attending shows and activities that have large crowds, working out in fitness centers and riding on tenders or in vans to get to  onshore excursions. Take a look at how you can expect cruise lines to operate once they reopen.  

Be ready for new handheld and mountable thermal camera systems that will screen crew members and guests. According to , these cameras will alert of high temperatures and allow easier ways to monitor groups of people when beginning to embark on their journey.

We are entering into stages of touchless systems which will play a role in the many activities and amenities cruise lines offer. Be prepared to wear small devices or use mobile apps that will buzz to send alerts when it’s your turn to use the pool deck or even gym equipment. Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises have already been working with app-based technologies that help track members of a party, allow for easier check-ins, unlocks cabin doors, etc. Casinos will become touchless with slot machines being controlled by your phone. You can also expect to see thermal cameras mounted on walls and spray technology to disinfect public areas.

Buffets are often viewed as the symbol of dining freedom, but they have now been changed. Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley, said that instead of buffets, passengers can expect to point to what they want and servers will fill their plates from behind glass barriers. Everything will be hands off including the way you pay for drinks, get receipts and even view the menu. Menus might be uploaded to mobile apps, or for more of a wow factor you might see them projected onto tables!

You’re probably wondering how the cabin space and layout will be changed as more precautions are in place. According to Anna Koustsoukosta, a managing partner for cruise ship architecture, cabins may be limited in availability and passengers will be offered luxury cabins and suites as a first preference since those rooms have accessibility to fresh air. By limiting cabin availability, it will help accommodate extra holding areas for meals and medication in case a guest happens to be quarantined. There might be hidden panels behind walls to hook up medical equipment in the possibility of it needing to be converted into a hospital room. There will also be new antimicrobial fabrics to repel germs from surfaces like beds, curtains, chairs, etc.

Cruise ship design companies must now get creative and think outside of the box when it comes to restructuring the layout of cruise ships post pandemic. A lot of these concepts are trials but could soon turn into a reality once cruise lines reopen. So get ready to hop on the new wave of technology and embark on your next cruise!

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