Skip the Plane--Pilot Your Own RV!


Leave the pat-downs and overcrowded planes at the airport. Be your own pilot on your family's vacation in an RV. We've got a few tips to keep you safe on your next RV adventure.

Don't Try to Guess Your Rig's Weight
The leading cause of RV accidents is driving or towing an overloaded RV. Whether you've been driving rigs for summers on end or you're renting one for the first time, it's impossible to guess its weight. That's where public scales come in. Finding a public scale that'll weigh your fully loaded rig for a minimal charge is a quick internet search away. Simply compare your RV's weight to the manufacturer's established limits before you take off on your trip.

Pack Smart
Weight distribution is also important. A good rule of thumb is to pack heavy items on lower shelves towards the front of the rig, and lighter items higher up. Also pack with balance in mind, so that the weight of your load is evenly distributed between either side of the RV. These simple packing steps will give the RV a lower center of gravity, which in turn will limit its swinging and wobbling.    

Generators Can Exhaust the Fun
While generators allow you to enjoy many of the comforts of home on the road, remember that exhaust fumes are deadly. Operate your generator where the exhaust fumes are blown away from your rig. Also keep all flammable materials away from the generator, and check the exhaust system if your RV should bottom out. Generators should never be operated with a faulty exhaust system. Review your generator's operating manual before you hit the road to avoid big problems later.

Weathering the Weather
Stay ahead of storms by reviewing a weather app for your smartphone or checking the forecast on your radio weather channel. Should you run into a lightning storm, the safest place for you is in your RV. If a tornado is approaching and shelter isn't readily available, the safest place for you is in a ditch. Whenever possible, find an enclosed concrete building, but don't stay in your RV. You may worry about damage to your RV, but that's why you have insurance! Remember, Shelter insures the fun stuff – including your new RVAsk your agent for details.