It's Your Season


It's the season you've been waiting for: hunting season. Time to pull out all your gear and make sure you have everything ready for your next wilderness adventure. It's also a good time to think about how much it would cost to replace your guns and other equipment if they were stolen.

While most homeowners insurance policies provide some protection for your prized possessions, many also have limitations on coverage amounts. A homeowners insurance policy also tends to have higher deductibles, reduced limits on various personal property items, and surcharges if a claim occurs. That's why we offer a personal articles insurance policy, commonly known as the inland marine policy.

Why Purchase a Personal Articles Insurance Policy?
Not only does this policy provide extra protection for your guns and hunting equipment, it offers:

  • Increased coverage limits
  • Protection for additional perils
  • Lower individual deductibles
  • No surcharge triggered with a claim

In addition to insuring your guns, a personal articles policy can also cover your livestock, your spouse's wedding ring, your daughter's musical instrument, your son's new golf equipment and much more.

Contact your local Shelter agent today to learn how our personal articles policy can protect your season and your family's prized possessions.