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Golf Cart Safety


It’s golf season, which means golf carts are back! A golf cart is the perfect vehicle to drive down the street to visit your friends or go to the beach from your vacay condo. Even though they are much slower than cars, they can still be very dangerous. On average, there are 15,000 injuries per year caused by irresponsible golf cart driving. . Read the following tips on how to stay safe while driving a golf cart so you don’t become part of the statistic.

  1. Avoid making sharp turns. It is much easier to tip over a golf cart when taking a sharp turn because they are usually very top-heavy and light, so the weight of the cart is not evenly distributed.
  2. Don’t overpopulate the cart. Having more people than allowed can make the cart unstable and easy to tip over.
  3. Do not drive under the influence.
  4. When driving or riding in the cart, keep your legs and arms inside the cart.
  5. Avoid stopping suddenly since most golf carts do not have seatbelts.
  6. Always check your surroundings before you back up or start driving.
  7. Always follow traffic rules when driving on the road.
  8. Do not text and drive. Pullover, park the golf cart and respond to text messages you might want to answer.
  9. Only navigate the cart from the driver’s side. Do not reach over or take control of the cart from the passenger’s seat.

10. When braking, be aware that a golf cart needs more stopping distance than a car.

11. Be extremely cautious when taking a left turn.

12. Depending on how fast the cart can go, do not drive it on busy streets or highways. It is dangerous and can cause traffic accidents or backups.

13. Do not allow passengers to jump in or out of the cart while in motion. It can cause serious injuries.

14. Avoid any holes.

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