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Cover Your ATVs, Trailers, Gators and More


Most people think their current Shelter homeowners or auto insurance policy will carry over to their ATVs and trailers, but that isn't always the case.

Here are four situations when additional coverage for your fun stuff is needed:

Situation 1
You decide to take your ATV down to the creek to do some fishing in a more remote area. Since the ATV is no longer being used on an insured premise, there is no liability coverage from your Shelter homeowners policy. And your auto policy doesn't cover it either.
Coverage Option:  Add our ATV policy to provide liability coverage for your fishing trip.

Situation 2
A family member has a vacation home at the lake in a quaint waterside community and you decide to take your new utility vehicle along to give family members a ride around the village. Since you are taking it off the insured premises, there is no liability coverage from a homeowners policy or your auto policies.
Coverage Option: Once again, our ATV policy would provide liability coverage for taking your all-terrain vehicle off an insured premises. An ATV policy could also provide you with collision and comprehensive coverage.

Situation 3
You have a flat tire on your utility trailer while on the road. You unhitch the trailer, remove the tire, and take it to get it fixed. While the trailer is on the side of the road, unhitched from the truck, your auto policy does not provide coverage. Since it is not on your insured premises, and there is no liability coverage from your homeowners.
Coverage Option: Depending on its uses, coverage for a trailer can be added to a motorcycleboat, or as aseparate trailer policy. If you are unsure which one would best apply to your trailer, contact your local agent. Your agent can assist you with getting the correct policy in place.

Situation 4
You decide to have a hayride and load up a bunch of kids on your utility trailer. Since you are now carrying passengers, no liability coverage extends from your Shelter auto policy. If you're travelling off the insured premises, you have no liability coverage from your Shelter homeowners policy either.
Coverage Option: Hauling others can be dangerous. Be sure you have a liability policy to cover you against claims by your passengers. Your local Shelter agent can help you review your current coverages and choose the liability, collision and comprehensive coverage options that work best for you.