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Pets on Board


We're a nation of pet lovers. We frequently take our furry family members along in the car when we run errands or head out on vacation. Whether you're taking your howling feline for her annual vet visit or packing your pup for a long vacation, safety in the car is important. 

Strap 'em In
There's no shame in a comfy harness or a styling critter condo. In fact, you'll defy the laws of physics — and hold your pal in place during a wreck or short stop. Another benefit of harnessing a pet is that they are less likely to bolt and get away from you when the door opens. 

Keep Your Eyes on the Road
A 2010 AAA survey says 20 percent of people surveyed admitted to driving with their dogs in their laps. And 31 percent surveyed recognized their dogs as driving distractions. Focus on getting everyone to your destination safely by keeping your pets in the back seat and away from the steering wheel.

Car Interiors Get Dangerously Hot—and Cold
We all know how hot the sun is. And it heats cars up to dangerous temps in just 10 minutes — even with the windows cracked. In cold weather, the car traps the cold temperatures inside like a fridge and can cause your pet to freeze to death in a short time. Never leave a pet unattended in the car.

ID Please
Microchip identification is a great idea for any pet, and so is a regular collar with their name, phone number, and address imprinted. People and pets can get separated, so give them hope for finding their way home.

Start with Short Rides
If you're planning a trip and want to take your buddy along, find out how they handle the car ride first. Take them on short trips and errands to help them get used to safety harnesses and strange places. Then you'll both be ready to relax at your vacation destination. 

At Shelter, we've insured a lot of cars through the years, and we've seen what happens when safety isn't the number one priority. Feel free to share these tips with your friends and family. Here's to safe travel for all passengers—even the furry ones.