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Keep Your Car Rolling in the Summer Heat


Road trip season is in full swing! Before you head out, it's important to know how the summer heat may affect your vehicle and how to help protect it.

Keep it Cool
We've all seen people bent over their engine on the side of the road. They're probably sweating over paying for their engine's breakdown. In most cases, a little bit of coolant could have prevented these situations. Before temperatures rise any further, make sure you've got enough coolant, also known as antifreeze. In addition, it's a good idea to have your radiator checked for clogs or any other malfunctions that would keep it from functioning properly. Make sure your vehicle's hoses are in good condition and leak free.

Stay Liquid
Now is a good time to have the other fluids in your car checked as well. This includes oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and windshield washer solution.

Stay Charged
Having your battery and battery cables checked is yet another recommended way to avoid being stranded. The good news: most auto parts stores will test your battery for free. If you do need a new battery, they'll give you a discount when you give them your old one.

Make Sure You Can See
This means making sure your wiper blades aren't streaking up the windshield and all your lights, signal lights and brake lights are working.

Enjoy the Breeze
Your vehicle's air conditioning fans and lines are coming off long winter hibernation. Since malfunctioning fans can cause extra heat on your engine, have your AC serviced before the extreme summer heat comes.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
Remember to check your tires. The asphalt is hot and heat causes air expansion in your tires, which leads to more flat tires.

Nothing to Spare
None of these tips matter if you get a flat and don't have a spare (or you're spare is flat). Keep air in the spare, and a tire changing kit stored in your vehicle, too.

If You Do Get Stranded…
Be sure to have any warranty information with you, as well as your registration and insurance card. If you're a Shelter customer with a smartphone and the Shelter mobile app, you can pull up your insurance card on your phone. All states except New Mexico and Connecticut now accept mobile proof of insurance. Shelter customers can also rest assured that if they do break down, roadside assistance is included with their policies and is only one call away wherever they are.

Don't be afraid to drive in the heat, just be prepared. Enjoy your summer and stay cool on your adventurous road-trips to the lake and beyond.

While most cars function almost as well in hot weather as they do on a mild day, exposing an already hot engine to extreme, prolonged heat can cause major damage. It's important to know how the summer heat may affect your vehicle and how to help protect it.