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From classic cars to luxury cars and everything in between, Americans love our cars. After all, we live in a very mobile society where cars are often a necessity. Besides--we love the freedom! But owning a car means taking care of it, driving safely and keeping it insured. These articles can help you enjoy the ride. 

  • Keep Your Car Rolling in the Summer Heat

    While most cars function almost as well in hot weather as they do on a mild day, prolonged heat can cause major damage. Learn how the summer heat may affect your vehicle and how to help protect it.

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  • What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident

    Being in an accident of any kind is stressful, but being involved in a hit-and-run accident makes the situation worse. If this happens to you, it will help to have some idea of what to do.

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  • Emergency Vehicles and Right of Way

    When you hear sirens, do you know what to do? You might think so--until you're actually in the moment. This article is a good refresher so that when emergency vehicles need the road, you can move safely out of their way. 

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  • What to Do After an Accident

    In the minutes after a car accident, you may only be thinking about calling for emergency assistance, but here are some other things you need to know.

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  • The High Cost of High Tech

    High tech safety features in today's newer cars help reduce accidents, but if they are involved in an accident, the cost to repair the car is much higher, and it may even be totaled.

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  • 10 Driving Habits That Damage Your Car

    Here are 10 things you're probably doing when you drive that you don't even notice--and they could be damaging your car. If you want to make the most of your new car, here here's how to break those habits.

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  • Why Aren't Teens Buckling Up?

    Injury and fatality rates for teens who weren't wearing seat belts at the time of a car accident are alarming. Here are the reasons they give for not wearing seat belts, and how you can help convince them otherwise.

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  • Saving On Your Teen's Auto Insurance

    Your teen is now driving. Besides fearing for their safety out on the road, you might also fear that first insurance bill. Check out some ways to reduce the cost.

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  • Auto Insurance Value

    Discounts and higher deductibles are ways to lower your auto insurance premium, but there's another option that most people don't even know about.

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