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Test Your Knowledge: Holiday Auto Coverage Scenarios


The day after Thanksgiving, you're likely to see a spike in traffic around local department stores and malls, and that spike isn't likely to drop off until after the new year. More drivers on the road means you will need more patience and you'll need to be more careful. It also means you could find yourself in a scenario like one of these:

Shopping Cart vs. Car
Once in a while, a shopping cart with a mind of its own can go astray, and if it's got a decent amount of speed behind it and hits your car, you may get dings and scratches you didn't bargain for. What kind of coverage do you need for this?

Parking Lot Problems
If you've ever parked next to a pickup truck or SUV, then you know how hard it is to see around them when you're backing out of your parking space. As careful as you (or another driver in that situation) may be, you could still hit a car that's trying to find a place to park, especially if that car is driving too fast down the parking row.

Another common parking lot problem is when two cars are backing out of their parking spots right across from each other, but they don't see each other, so their bumpers meet.

Do you know what kind of coverage you need for either of these scenarios?

Holiday Theft
When you are out shopping for holiday gifts, you are probably trying to get as much done as possible in one day. This means you'll be leaving your purchases in your car, which is not ideal. Try to hide them in the trunk if you can, and avoid leaving them in the back seat or passenger seat where they are in plain sight. Also, be sure to park in well-lit areas and always, always lock your car. If you do all this and your car is broken into anyway, what kind of coverage will help pay for the loss?

Over the River and Through the Woods
If you're headed to grandma's house for Thanksgiving and she lives in a rural area, there's a chance a deer could run out in front of your car, especially if you're driving there early in the morning or driving home at dusk. What kind of coverage can help you fix the damage?


  • Shopping Cart vs. Car: If a shopping cart smacks into your car, it may be covered under comprehensive coverage, subject to your deductible.
  • Parking Lot Problems: If your car is hit in either of these situations, collision coverage may help pay for some of the damage to your own car, subject to your deductible. If a car hits you as you are driving down the aisle looking for a parking place, but the at-fault driver is uninsured, uninsured motorist - property damage coverage could help pay to repair the damage to your car, depending on your share of fault. 
  • Holiday Theft: If your holiday gifts are stolen from your car but you have homeowners coverage, that may help you replace your stolen gifts, as well as fix any damage to your car. Again, the amount paid under this coverage will depend on your deductible.
  • Over the River and Through the Woods: If you meet a deer by accident, comprehensive coverage can help you pay for some the damage to your car, subject to your deductible.

Collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist are all optional coverages, so you have to purchase them before the loss occurs. If you aren't sure you have all the coverage you need, contact your local Shelter agent so you are prepared for any damage to your car that may occur during the holiday season—or any time!