Baby on Board

If you're a parent, you might remember how terrified you were to put your newborn in the car for the first time. You're probably up-to-date on the American Academy of Pediatrics' requirements on car seats, including when to switch to front-facing seats and so forth. Maybe you've even had the fire department or an EMT double-check that it's installed properly. That’s super. Here are a few additional things you might consider:

  • Don't Overheat Your Baby
    Even cooler temperatures (in the 60s) can rise nearly 20 degrees within the first 10 minutes of closing your doors with the windows up. Never leave your child in the car unattended, even if you're just running back inside for a second. 
  • Heads Up
    Left unattended, kids can step or put weight on the power windows and get seriously injured. There have even been cases of strangulation-by-window. Use the childlock feature for the windows and keep your keys on you.
  • Monkey See, Monkey Do
    Teach your kids about the danger and power of cars, and to move away from a vehicle when a driver gets in it or if the car is started.

Safety Starts Behind the Wheel
Have you made the commitment to making your car a "no phone zone?"  Keeping your hands on the wheel, especially when your kids are with you, can make a huge difference in your driving habits. That phone call, text, or e-mail can all wait, so give yourself some time to talk or sing with the kids while you drive. Ease up on the accelerator, leave your road rage at home and work to become a safer driver yourself.  After all, we offer discounts for safe drivers, saving you money on your car insurance.