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Auto Scenarios: What If


Have you ever been in a situation where you've wondered, "Would my insurance cover this?" Here are some scenarios where knowing more about your auto insurance coverage may come in handy:

Situation 1: You lend your car to a friend and he hits a deer.
Your car may be covered if you have comprehensive coverage, but it is subject to your deductible.

Situation 2: You are involved in an accident that's not your fault and you are injured, but the driver of the other vehicle is uninsured. 
You may be able to use your optional medical payments* coverage or uninsured motorist** coverage.

Situation 3: You park your car in the garage, just like any other day. The next morning you notice that a paint can has fallen off the shelf and hit your car.
Most customers think this is a homeowners claim, but if you have collision and comprehensive coverage, your claim may be handled under your auto insurance.

Situation 4: You just sold a few cows at the county livestock sale and are headed home when suddenly your livestock trailer becomes unhitched and hits a car. 
Your Shelter auto policy may extend to your trailer, as long as the trailer is hitched or if it became unhitched while your auto was in motion.

Situation 5: You finally close on that great Victorian home on 7th Street, and you're all packed and ready for the move. You rent a 15,000 pound moving truck, and while backing the truck up to your new home, you hit your neighbor's parked car.
Your Shelter auto policy may provide liability coverage and compensate your new neighbor for his car. However, Shelter will not cover any damage you may have caused to the rented moving truck because it exceeds 12,000 pounds. We suggest purchasing the rental company's additional coverage options for trucks exceeding 12,000 pounds.

Next time you have a "what if" auto insurance question, it may be a good idea to check with your local Shelter agent to ensure you have the appropriate coverage. Better yet, schedule an annual review to discuss your daily commute and other ways you use your car. That way, you'll learn more about insurance and be better prepared if a claim does happen. 

* Medical Payments Coverage: coverage may apply to assist with your medical bills regardless of fault.
** Uninsured Motorist Coverage: coverage may apply when the other driver is as fault and there are additional expenses that are directly related to the accident.