Military Veteran Recruitment

Considering a Career Change?

At Shelter Insurance, we are grateful for your service to our nation. When contracting with agents, we look for characteristics similar to those who have served: diligence, a desire to serve, leadership, strategic thinking and a passion to succeed. As a Shelter agent, you will continue to help provide peace of mind to American families by offering quality products that have protected their lifestyles for nearly 75 years.

We have won awards for outstanding customer satisfaction as a result of our emphasis on integrity and our commitment to customer service. Our strong financial position helps protect our policyholders, agents and employees, now and in the future.

To learn more about what Shelter can do for you, watch these quick videos:

- Training & Support
- Incentives
- Financial Strength & Stability

The Transitional Agent Contract program allows you to begin your professional career and run your own business as an independent contractor, with a contract, while working towards achieving goals that could qualify you to enter into a contract as a longer-term independent contractor.

Shelter Insurance® agents are independent contractors, not employees of Shelter Insurance. As such, our agents are subject to a written contract. These agents may employ agency staff, who are not employees of Shelter Insurance.