Agent Onboarding Process | Shelter Insurance®

Agent Onboarding Process

How to Get Started

If you’ve decided to apply to become a Shelter Insurance® agent, you might not know what to expect. Here’s a brief look at our onboarding process.

  1. First, you complete an application.
  2. Someone will contact you to briefly discuss our program, requirements and process. If there is mutual interest to continue in the process at this time, you will receive an email with instructions for the completion of a Consumer Background Report.
  3. You will then meet in person or virtually for a screening discussion with a Recruiting and Development Specialist (RDS), who will cover our program in detail and answer questions you may have about the program. The RDS will also discuss your background, but this is not an interview. Instead, it is an opportunity for both of us to make sure Shelter’s new agent program is the right fit for you.
  4. If the screening goes well, we will schedule an online personality profile and an in-person interview.
  5. Once the candidates are identified, each will have a screening with the District Sales Manager (DSM) for your region.
  6. If the screening with the DSM goes well, we will schedule final interviews with the DSM, Regional Sales Manager (RSM) and RDS.
  7. If you are selected, a contract offer will be made. If you accept it, we will arrange for licensing classes, if needed.

You Accepted A Contract! Now What?
Once you have accepted the contract, next steps will be explained to you, likely by your DSM. In general, here’s what to expect:

  1. Your first day in the office as a Shelter agent is spent with an RDS who will spend 4-5 days with you prior to your training.
  2. Your DSM will spend a week with you after that.
  3. You will receive training on our property and casualty products.

Your DSM will spend time with you reviewing various aspects of our property & casualty products, from file reviews to quotes.

  1. You will receive training on our life insurance products.
  2. Your DSM will spend time with you to go over various aspects of our life insurance products.
  3. You will have continual online training.

Next, you will put your superior customer service and sales skills to work to help prospects and customers find the right coverage for their needs.

The Transitional Agent Contract program allows you to begin your professional career and run your own business as an independent contractor, with a contract, while working towards achieving goals that could qualify you to enter into a contract as a longer-term independent contractor.

Shelter Insurance® agents are independent contractors, not employees of Shelter Insurance. As such, our agents are subject to a written contract. These agents may employ agency staff, who are not employees of Shelter Insurance.