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Agent Incentives

"They always do a really good job with the trips...And that first one will make you always want to go. You never want to miss an incentive trip."

- Priscilla King Agent

Rewarding Your Success

In addition to having compensation, Shelter has a very rich incentive program. Through quarterly bonuses, incentive travel and individual recognition awards, you have the opportunity to earn additional income.

Bonuses are paid on a quarterly basis to provide a consistent income throughout the year. These bonuses focus on the building blocks of a successful agency--growth, profitability of property and casualty, and new life production.

Incentive Travel
Excellent sales and agency operations results may earn you opportunities to travel the country, and even the globe! Each year Shelter's annual Conference of Champions is held at an exciting destination such as Hawaii, Vancouver, Paris, St. Thomas and Munich, just to name a few. Qualifying agents and their guest are invited to attend.

At the Conference of Champions, we recognize the best of the best within our company, from Life Stars to State Agents of the Year, and Rookie of the Year to our coveted Agent of the Year. You can also earn the honor of being inducted into Shelter's Hall of Fame and Hall of Excellence.

In addition, sales campaigns are held throughout the year to add extra incentives and recognition. This friendly competition provides additional motivation to become a successful agent.

For simplicity, the term "agent" is often used by Shelter when referring to sales positions. Specific conditions of positions may differ.

Shelter Insurance® agents are independent contractors, not employees of Shelter Insurance. As such, our agents are subject to a written contract. These agents may employ agency staff, who are not employees of Shelter Insurance.

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What products will I sell as an agent?

Shelter Insurance® provides a wide range of products to help you meet the needs of your clients. In addition to auto, home, and life insurance, you can offer your clients personal liability, business, boat, farm, and apartment owners or rental dwelling insurance. To make sure your clients are getting the best deal, Shelter offers many discounts, especially for auto policies. Multi-car, safe driver, good student, and companion policy discounts are frequently available for Shelter policyholders.