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A house, a condominium, an apartment, even a "tiny home"…any of those could be the place you call home, and since disasters do not discriminate, you probably need some kind of insurance coverage. After all, if a tornado, fire or some other hazard destroys your residence, you will likely face some sort of financial loss. Fortunately, having the right kind of insurance can make that loss less of a burden.

Coverage for Your House
Got a mortgage? Whether your house is paid for or not, you probably need homeowners insurance to rebuild if the worst happens, and our homeowners policy can help you do just that. We even offer a variety of discounts!

Coverage for Your Condo
Condo coverage is a little different from homeowners coverage. Most condo homeowners associations have insurance for the building you live in, but you'll need coverage for the section of the building you own, as well as all your personal belongings. Luckily, we offer just that and have discounts that may help!

Coverage for Your Personal Property
If you rent, you might think you don't need any kind of insurance outside of auto insurance and life insurance, but what would you do if you came home and your building was reduced to ashes? How would you replace almost everything you own? You might not think that stuff is worth much, but it adds up fast! Our renters insurance is inexpensive and can help take a lot of worry off your plate—and discounts are available.

Coverage for Your Mobile Home
Our mobile home insurance covers a wide variety of losses, but also includes coverage for underpinning, anchors, straps and tie-downs. Like our other policies, it provides some liability coverage, optional coverages and, of course, discounts!

Coverage for Your "Tiny Home"
There's a new trend in residential living—"tiny homes." These houses are very small, stylish and inexpensive, and people live in them for a variety of reasons. If you're considering building or buying a "tiny home," we may have coverage options to help protect your trendy new abode.

To explore all the coverage options and discounts we offer for the place you call home, contact a Shelter agent near you.

  • Protecting Precious Items

    Whether it's sports memorabilia, diamonds, coins, guns or photography equipment… our personal articles policy can help replace lost, stolen or damaged property. 

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  • Adding It All Up

    Small apartment

    Have you ever added up the value of everything you own – from your high definition TV and electronics to your dishes, clothes and even toiletries? With our personal property calculator you can record it all and save it!

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  • Saving On It All

    Whether it's your first home, dream home or a vacation home – we offer discounts that can save you money on insuring it! To get started, discuss possibilities with your Shelter agent.

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