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6 Reasons You'll Want Life Insurance

People who have life insurance usually bought it for a reason, and many of those reasons are based on their stage of life. If you're young, single and don't have any kids, your reasons may be completely different than someone who is newly married with a house and kids. Here are six common reasons you may want to consider having a life insurance plan, even if you are single with relatively no debt or family:

  • Reason #1: Your Funeral
    When you die, you will likely need a funeral, and funerals are expensive. Do you want to pass that burden on to your parents or other family members? The amount of premium you would pay for a life policy to cover your funeral is typically a fraction of what your family may spend paying for it out of their savings.
  • Reason #2: Your Current Debts
    If something happens to you, your parents may be able to sell your car and pay off your car loan, but you may have credit card debt and outstanding student loans that they may be responsible for.
  • Reason #3: Cost
    Even if you don't have a mortgage or a family now, you might in the future. As you age, life insurance premiums generally go up, so the same policy you take out in your 20s will cost you more in your 30s, 40s or 50s.
  • Reason #4: Your Future Insurability
    Your health might be great now, but what if you are diagnosed with a serious illness? Certain health conditions can raise the cost of your life insurance, or make it difficult, if not impossible, to get coverage at all. If you lock in your coverage while you are young and healthy, you will have it for the specified term (if you chose term life insurance) or until you die or stop paying premiums (if you chose permanent or whole life insurance).
  • Reason #5: Your Parents
    As your parents age, their income may go down and their health may not be as good as it once was. In the event of your untimely death, money you leave them from a life insurance policy can help them pay off their mortgage, medical bills or a long-term care facility if they need it.

Most people don't consider life insurance until they get married, buy a house and have kids. Those tend to be the most popular reasons to buy life insurance, which leads to:

  • Reason #6: Your Family
    If something happens to you, will your family to be able to stay in their house and have enough to replace your income? You might even want to have enough for your kids to go to college. Without life insurance, it can be tough for the surviving parent to make that happen.

If two or more of these reasons resonated with you – then why wait any longer? Our agents are trained to help individuals like you customize a life insurance plan to fit their needs. They'll assist you in finding the right policy and determining the right amount to fit within your budget. Contact a Shelter agent to explore your options.

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