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Frequent Storm Claim Questions

What if I can’t live in my home?

If your home is uninhabitable from a covered loss and your policy covers Additional Living Expenses, it may reimburse you for your reasonable increased costs necessary to maintain your normal standard of living. This includes increased expenses for things like food and housing.

For example, if you normally spend $100 every week for food, but the storm causes you to eat out and you spend $250, your additional living expense is $150 per week. The policy also specifies how long it you can be reimbursed for these extra costs. Please keep all your receipts for any additional living expenses you incur.

Can I repair any damage before someone inspects my property?

Yes. If you have damage that may cause more loss to your property if not repaired, you should not wait for Shelter to inspect your home. We cover the reasonable cost you incur to temporarily repair covered property to protect it from immediate additional losses. You should save all receipts for any reasonable and necessary temporary or emergency repairs.

What if some of my personal property is damaged?

If your policy covers personal property damage and a covered loss damaged some of that property, start listing all the damaged items to give to your claim adjuster. Be sure to include as much information as possible, like the manufacturers’ names, model numbers, purchase dates, and purchase prices. You should also identify which items can be repaired. To help organize this list, your adjuster will give you a proof of loss form.

When will someone inspect my damage?

A catastrophe claim team adjuster will call you to determine if we need to inspect your damage or if we can settle your loss by phone. If we need to inspect the damage, the adjuster will schedule an appointment. We will get to everyone as quickly as possible, but we try to schedule customers with the most serious damage first.

When can I hire a contractor and start repairs?

Finding a contractor after a storm can be difficult and time-consuming. That's why it's a good idea to start looking for one immediately.

You do not have to wait for Shelter to inspect your home before selecting who you want to repair it. However, other than temporary emergency repairs, your contractor should not begin any final repairs until we inspect the damage.

How long will it take to settle my claim?

The time it takes to complete the claim process depends on several things. Shelter brings in extra staff to handle the increased number of claims caused by a severe storm, but we may have hundreds or even thousands of customers with damaged property. The number of claims, the severity and complexity of your damages, the availability of contractors or vendors, and safety issues all contribute to the time it takes to settle your claim. Be assured, we will complete your claim and pay you as soon as we reasonably can.

Why is my mortgage holder named on the payment?

Mortgagees (the lender providing the mortgage on your property) are often named on your policy, and most require that their name be listed on claim payments. Most policies also require the mortgagee to be listed on payments. You will need to call your mortgagee to find out how to get their endorsement on it. You can usually find this contact information on the back of your monthly mortgage statement.