Shelter Cares

At Shelter, we understand how important volunteering is to so many organizations in our community and we encourage our employees to donate their time and efforts to causes they care about. To make it easier to determine where the need is, we have established a committee called Shelter Cares. This committee meets monthly to go over current volunteer opportunities they are aware of so they can share them with their teams and recruit volunteers. Some of the committee's ongoing efforts include:

  • Coordinating employees from each department to volunteer at The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri on a monthly basis
  • Participation in National Volunteer Week each year
  • Participation in the annual Cleanup Columbia event
  • Assisting Columbia Parks and Recreation by serving lunch for the Lunch in the Park program
  • Bell-ringing for the Salvation Army during the holidays

This is just the "short list" of things Shelter Cares and Shelter employees are involved in. Employees graciously assist when other volunteer opportunities arise throughout the year as well.

If you are an organization in need of volunteers, you can request help from Shelter Cares by completing this form. Your request will be reviewed by the Shelter Cares committee to see if we can help, and if so, we will try to recruit volunteers.

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It's so rewarding to work for a company that gives back to the communities we live and work in. If we all do a little, a company of our size can have a significant impact. Jennifer T. Training