Ah, summer! So glad you are finally here! It’s nice to finally be back outside and not all bundled up, but summer activities can present a lot more danger too. To keep summer fun and safe, check out these summer safety articles.

  • You can ride a motorcycle in summer, but it’s ill-advised in winter. Here’s What to Know Before You Go.
  • Swimming? Definitely in summer, not in winter (unless you can find an indoor pool somewhere.) Anytime you jump in a pool or have guests over to jump in yours, make sure you have the right Poolside Protection.
  • Boats and personal watercraft won’t float on ice, so that’s definitely out in winter. But when you’re on them this summer, here’s how to boat safely.
  • If you're boating, you may be near a dock at some point. Whatever you do, don't jump off unless you know the dock is not electrified. You may not be aware of the Danger at the Dock that could kill you.
  • eScooters are a popular way to get around when the weather is right, and summer fits the bill. However, they are are extremely dangerous. Follow these tips to Scoot Along Safely.
  • Camping? Well, wouldn’t you rather sleep in your tent in summer than winter? (The downside to summer camping is the bugs, but bugs are better than frostbite!) These are some fun camping tips but there are some safety tips thrown in too for good measure.
  • You can grill out in summer, but not in winter. If you’ve never grilled, there are some grilling safety tips you need to be aware of before you strike the first match.
  • If your backyard is the place to be for the grade-school set who are out of school for the summer, better read these Backyard Toy Safety Tips.
  • Summer vacation is finally here! You might not think about it too much, but there are some good safety practices to know when you’re Traveling Out of Town.

We know safety isn’t the most fun topic, but at least you can have peace of mind while you enjoy your summer if you keep these safety tips in mind.

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