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What's your idea of summer fun? Whether it's taking your boat out on the lake, seeing the country in an RV, taking a road trip with the top down or taking a motorcycle trip, Shelter can help insure your summer fun.

A Day on the Water
Even if you are the safest boater on the water, you have to be aware of those who aren't. Alcohol, excessive speed or reckless driving can cause accidents. If you are involved in an aquatic accident with your boat, Shelter's boat insurance can put your mind at ease. It covers accidental loss or damage, bodily injury, property damage and liability.

Camping Out in an RV
Whether you're seeing the country or just using it on the weekends, camping in an RV is more convenient and comfortable than camping in a tent. But before you head out, make sure you have the right coverage. Shelter offers different coverage options for RVs to help you find the right policy for your needs.

Road Trip!
Your road trip may not involve an RV. Maybe you want to feel the wind in your face instead. Whether that involves one headlight or two, you'll need insurance. Shelter has you covered with auto insurance and motorcycle insurance to fit your needs so you can relax and enjoy the ride.


  • ATV Insurance

    • Liability protection for at-fault accidents
    • Optional coverage for other types of damage
    • Fast claim service to get you rolling again
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  • Agents

    • Shelter has agents in 15 states
    • Find a Shelter agent near you
    • Get an auto quote online and send it to an agent

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  • Junior Special Insurance

    • Affordable, convertible coverage to last a lifetime
    • One-time payment provides $20,000 of coverage
    • Available immediately at child's birth—no waiting
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