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Still paying your bills by mail each month? You probably have other things to do with your time, like going to your kids' baseball games, spending time with your aging parents or grandparents, volunteering at your community's food bank or simply relaxing with your friends and family.

Online bill paying is nothing new, but a My Shelter account offers more than just a way to pay your premiums online. A My Shelter account is a place where you can schedule payment of your premium, pay your premium, view all your policies, print ID cards, report a claim, view claim status, go paperless and more.

Taking Things Mobile
Once you've registered, you can connect to your My Shelter account on your smartphone or tablet using our mobile app. The mobile app has the same features as a My Shelter account and then some. You can even access your ID cards (which are now accepted electronically in all the states in our operating territory) through our mobile app—but we hope you never need to.

Are you ready to make the move to My Shelter? All you have to do is get one of your policy numbers (you'll need it to get started) to register.  

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