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The Keys to Your Summer Fun!

Boats, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs… all of these things can make summer more fun, but they all need keys to run. One of those keys is insurance. All of these vehicles need to be insured before you can take them out, and Shelter can help you keep liability claims or property damage from ruining your summer fun.

If you have plans to take a boatRVmotorcycle or ATV out this summer, contact a Shelter agent first to be sure you have the coverage you need.

We also have some safety tips to keep your summer rolling – or floating smoothly.

Boat Safety – Boaters are usually anxious to hit the water in the summertime, but don't forget the rules of safe boating.
RV Safety – If you're seeing the country in an RV this summer, don't let safety take a back seat. Here are some things you may not know about driving an RV.
Motorcycle Safety – It takes more than buying a motorcycle to be ready to ride. Here's what you need for a safe trip.
ATV Safety – Don't let injuries become part of the territory when driving an ATV. Be sure to read these safety tips before you go out.
Road Trip Safety – Taking a road trip this summer? Make sure your car is ready for the road and check out these pit stops.

Whether your idea of the perfect summer is hitting the waves or hitting the open road, let us be key in your summer fun.


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