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From the time your kids are born, you teach them basic life skills—how to walk, how to ride a bike, how to drive,  how to cook, etc. You will probably also teach them about finances—saving money, budgeting and the importance of life insurance. Your kids pay attention to what you do, and if you save money for their college education and for your retirement, you're setting a great example for them. Another great example is setting them up for affordable life insurance.

Many parents and grandparents are drawn to our Junior Special life insurance policy because of its guaranteed insurability option. This option helps ensure that when their child or grandchild reaches age 25, the policy can be converted to a Whole Life or Universal Life policy without proof of insurability. This means if your child develops an illness that would make it difficult for them to get life insurance as an adult, they won't have to worry—the Junior Special can provide guaranteed insurability to help ensure they will be able to convert their policy, regardless of any medical conditions they may develop.

Coverage for a Junior Special ranges from $5,000 to $20,000, and Shelter has affordable premiums. Check out the chart below for premium and coverage options:

Initial Amount of Insurance

One-Time Payment

12 Monthly Payments

4 Quarterly Payments

2 Semi-Annual Payments































To learn more about this life insurance option or other life insurance options we offer, contact a Shelter agent near you

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