COVID 19 Contribution | Shelter Insurance®

Shelter Insurance® and our agents have a long history of supporting the communities we serve. The unexpected and damaging effects of the COVID-19 crisis on our hometowns has led to an increasing need for charitable donations. Our agents and employees want to help provide support and the Shelter Foundation has found a way to help. 

The Shelter Foundation is offering each Shelter agent $1,000 to designate to a charity in their area working to respond to local COVID-19 needs. A mechanism is being developed for agents to make their individual request and the funds will be distributed as soon as that is in place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for these funds?

Donations will be made to established 501(c)(3) organizations and local charities who are responding to COVID-19 needs in the community.

How does this work? 

Shelter agents will select the charity and request the funds from the Foundation.  Individuals in local communities should communicate directly with the local Shelter agent. 

Can the donation be split among more than one charity? 

No, only one charity may be designated per $1,000 donation.

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