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Safety Pays

Who doesn't like saving money? At Shelter, taking steps to stay safe on your motorcycle can get you money-saving discounts in certain states.

Motorcycle owners face more risk on the road than drivers of other vehicles, so taking steps to stay safe is very important. Taking a safety course is a good way to learn how to ride safe, and riders may be eligible for certain premium discounts. The discounts listed here may not be offered in all states, or may be offered under different terms, so check with your local Shelter agent to see if they apply to you.

Accident Prevention Course Discount

Your premiums may be reduced if the primary driver of a vehicle has completed an approved accident prevention course. The driver may be required to repeat the course periodically to continue receiving the discount.

Motorcycle Rider Education Course

Motorcycle operators in the state of Tennessee may have their premiums reduced if they have completed an approved motorcycle rider education course.

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