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Flood Insurance

Many people assume their home insurance policy will cover flood damage, but this is not the case. Many also think that you must be in a high-risk flood zone to get flood insurance. However, that also is not true. Since floods can happen anywhere, at any time, consider purchasing a federal flood insurance policy to protect your home or business.

Flood insurance policies provide coverage for the structure of the home or business and contents lost in a flood. These policies are available whether you rent or own your home. There are limits to these policies, but we can help you assess what they are.

The cost of flooding

Flood damages can mount up fast. Don't underestimate the damage just a few inches of water  may cause to your home or belongings. Use the Cost of Flooding tool to calculate the risks you might encounter.


Shelter Insurance® offers access to federal flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program and Wright Flood insurance company.