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Everyone likes to get a discount, and at Shelter, we offer a wide range of them. The discounts listed below may not be offered in all states, or may be offered under different terms. Check with a Shelter agent to find out which discounts apply to you and watch this short video for more information.

Safe Driver Discount

Are you a safe driver? Get rewarded for that! If you're thinking about switching to Shelter and have been accident and violation-free for the past three years, you may qualify for our safe driver discount. The discount may even be increased if you are accident and violation-free for three years with Shelter, and increased even more after six years of maintaining this safe driver status. 

Good Student Discount

Are you a student who gets good grades? You can get rewarded for that, too! Primary drivers who qualify as good students (based on class rank, grade average or academic honors) may qualify for a discount on their overall premiums. The student must have an active license and provide proof of qualification before age 19. A good student discount can be renewed as long as the driver remains an unmarried full-time student under age 25.

Pay in Full Discount

You can save up to 10% on your car insurance if you pay your premiums in full every six months or annually instead of monthly.

Multi-Car Discount

We see a lot of families with more than one car. Use that to your advantage! A discount may be applied when you insure two or more vehicles with Shelter Insurance®.

Companion Policy Discount

You may have heard of car insurance rates being reduced at age 25, but Shelter rewards drivers who are at least 48 years old and own a qualifying Shelter Insurance® property policy, like homeowners insurance or farmowners insurance, with an auto insurance discount.

Companion Life Discount

Life insurance is important at all stages of your life. If you recognize this and have a life insurance policy and a qualifying property policy with Shelter, your auto insurance premiums may be discounted. 

Passive Restraint Discount

Does your car have factory-installed airbags? Most do these days. You might even find older model cars out there with automatic seatbelts that meet federal safety standards. If you have either of those, you may get a discount.

Accident Prevention Course Discount

If passing an accident prevention course can save you money on your car insurance, wouldn't you take one? At Shelter, your premiums may be reduced if you are the primary driver of a vehicle on your policy and you complete this type of course. After all, safe driving courses are good for all drivers, not just new drivers. The driver may be required to repeat the course periodically to continue receiving the discount.

Driver Training Course Discount

In a few states, premiums may be reduced if every driver in the household under age 21 has completed an approved driver's education course. You might check into that for your teen drivers. After all, if they learn to drive safely, you will have more peace of mind—and save on auto insurance.

The product information contained on this website is informational only and not a statement of contract. All coverage options are subject to the provisions of the policy purchased and details of the policyholder's situation.